BrightProofs Central

is the photographer's home screen. From here, he can make new galleries, add password protection, create sales and discounts for one gallery or many, add or remove images from any gallery, change the prices for print sales, and more.

Setting up

a new gallery is just five easy steps. Here, a new gallery is named and a white-label template is selected for the sample gallery.

In step 3, the photographer drags images to the gallery from his desktop computer. Images are resized & thumbnailed on the fly during upload through the browser.

A "bookmarks" page can be made (optionally) to help clients wade through large galleries. This creates a page where clients can jump straight to the reception, for example, which may appear 500 photos in.

A sample index page (left) and gallery page (right).


can view images in the thumbnail gallery, or by clicking on them to see ordering options. These options are set up by the photographer, in BrightProofs Central.

A fully-integrated shopping cart handles print orders...

... but some clients may prefer to collect images slowly over time. This page, a "favorites" page, enables family members to collect their favorite images and share them with others, all from the photographer's domain.