self-similar curved segments are designed which can be used to render a range of organic shapes

Form family

A vocabulary of forms emerges from the combination of twisting & curving segments.
Rather than mimicking the small, point-source designs of electric fixtures, the daylight system is designed to throw 100% of its light in a single large, sky-like source. The light is mediated, reflected, and diffused through a series of polypropylene baffles.

Final prototype

Imagined multi-system schemes, with multiple daylight extraction points (in red)

End Bloom

releases all remaining sunlight into the space, rather than reflecting it back into the duct system. By dilating the single curved sheet to a greater or lesser degree, the focus and diffusive effects can be dialed up or down.
Perforation patterns are punched into the large cloud baffles to catch glimmers of light, and to add an irregularity characteristic of the sky.