Main Screen.

Once the designer has set up her model and views in sketchup and run the daylighting analysis, the UI opens to this screen, which enables her to explore the impact of her design iteration in any time of day throughout the year, in any weather conditions (favoring those that are most likely for the region), and reports how well her pre-set daylighting goals are being met in various parts of the building. For more anecdotal evidence, the chosen views are also displayed. The user can either choose a particular date and time to examine, or can play an animation of the sun's path throughout the year.
To get an idea of the overall effect through rendered views, all times throughout the day and year can be displayed together.
Working more intensely in an iterative process, the optimizer can suggest design changes, showing in advance estimates for how much various changes could improve the project's daylighting.


The video to the right demonstrates the use of LightSolve, starting in Sketchup and ending up in Phil's UI. Phil's UI is visible starting around minute 1:15 in the video.