Phil Seaton

Phil’s interests and skills as a designer cross a variety of inter-disciplinary bounds. His programming experience across many platforms ranging from server-side web development to parametric design solutions augment other interests in materiality, construction, and engineering. He has taught design skills, design studios, and structures while pursuing his own degree in architecture.

Phil’s work as a Master’s of Architecture at MIT from 2008-2012 focused on the treatment of energy as a social medium. While sustainability has traditionally been the responsibility of technicians pursuing cleaner energy production and more efficient energy use, Phil came to believe strongly in the importance of bringing energy use into personal, cultural, and social space. By treating electricity socially, a critical new avenue of sustainability opens. Click the energy tag below to highlight relevant projects.

Phil is fluent in a wide range of software packages and programming languages including the entire Adobe Suite, Rhino/Grasshopper, Java, Processing, Perl, and others. He is available for freelance web design & digital fabrication work. Before architecture, Phil worked for Annie Leibovitz, ran a successful photography business of his own, learned Italian, and built fine custom furniture.

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